Average house clearance cost in London

Are you looking for effective house clearance services in London? It is a great idea to hire a company and save your time or effort. Remember that clearing a house and removing the waste is a time-consuming task that needs your full attention and effort. 

However, it is also essential to declutter the house after some time. So in that case, the house clearance companies are popular as they provide effective services. 

Every house clearance service has the proper arrangement of loading the waste, transporting it to the right site, and disposing of it effectively. Many of us agree with all these facts, but they have confusion regarding the cost of house clearance services in London. 

So here we came up with the essential guide that helps you estimate the cost of house clearance services in London. 

First, you need to remember that the house clearance and the garbage removal services are different. Both of them have different charges that depend on several factors. 

Here we are going to share the average cost of house clearance services who are professional. 

House clearance cost

Every house clearance company has their way of charging the services.

The cost of services depends on various factors like size of the house, type of waste, recyclable or reusable waste. So when you are going to hire a house clearance service, ensure that you provide them enough detail that is helpful for them. Moreover, get the price quotes from different services by providing your details to have the correct cost. 

If you have a small house with small clearance waste of around 250 Kg or a quarter of a van, the cost starts at £80. It may increase or decrease according to your house waste material and its type. 

Now, if you have a small clearance that weighs around 500kg, equal to the large van load, it costs around £175, but if the load is more than 750 Kg, then the cost is more than £250.

Keep in mind that these are the average cost of house clearance tasks. However, if the waste or house clearance waste is more than 1000 kg, it costs around £320.

Additional charges

The cost mentioned above is for the house clearance. It doesn’t include the price for the disposal of waste, recycling, and the landfill. These all services also charge additional services. But some house clearance services in London gave these services for free. 

Final verdict

Hiring a house clearance company is a suitable choice when you decide to shift the furniture. Don’t worry about the cost of house clearance service is different for every company. They set their standards and give you the average quote before you hire them so that you can think about your decision. 

We hope this guide helps decide what amount is suitable for house clearance London according to your house size.