Water leak: What are the risks, losses and how to find handyman services London

Water leak: What are the risks, losses and how to find handyman services London

Who has never experienced a period of water leakage at home, or in an apartment! Unfortunately, it is almost inevitable to go through such a situation. Water leaks are common but disturbing. If you have also experienced any of these situations, you should already know that it is not pleasant at all. But if this is the first time you are experiencing a water leak, I suggest you read this article carefully, because at the end you will know answers to questions such as:

  • What risks does a spill provide?
  • What damage does it cause?
  • How to identify a water leak?
  • And now, should I call a professional?

Please note that water leak is a serious issue and if you are not familiar on how to deal with this, you may need to engage handyman services London. 

What risks does a water leak provide

It is important to be aware that the risk of a water leak does not only affect the house or apartment that is going through this, but also harms the entire world population. Everyone is aware of the moment when we are experiencing the issue of lack of water, and that is why it is important to combat any type of water waste. Handyman Services London will help you to fix any water damages you may have in your property quickly and efficiently. 

Huge waste of water

Water is the most important asset in human life, so preserving this asset is essential. Now let’s talk about numbers to exemplify. A 2-millimetre hole in the pipeline can cause the expenditure of 3,200 litres per day, totalling 96,000 litres per month and 1,152,000 litres per year. We see that it is a very high value for such a small hole. Based on these data we note that it is essential to stop the leaks because according to the UN (United Nations), 110 litres of water per day is enough to meet the basic needs of a person, that is, the amount spent in one year of leak is capable of serving 1,320 people. Did you know that on average handyman services London help up to 1,000 properties a day for water damage? 

Leaks on roofs or slabs

Another major risk factor that water leaks can cause is linked to the slabs. This is very common in apartments, because when a leak occurs, even on the sidewalls, water tends to descend through the structure and affect the slab of the lower apartments. The great danger in these cases is that the structure ends up compromising itself because of the humidity, and the roof slab may start to sag. Handyman services London can of course help you with roof leaks. Simply call a Handyman London company so that you can get a quote. 

Losses caused by leaks

One of the main reasons why a water leak should be found, is because of the huge losses they cause, both financially and to our planet (everyone is aware of how important it is to save water on the planet). Therefore, handyman services London can help you to save significant amount of money by fixing your water leaks. 

3 ways to identify water leaks

Well, water leakage is very common but difficult to be identified due to the lack of attention and knowledge on the subject. Many leaks are internal and invisible to the naked eye, so let’s talk in three ways to identify this problem:

1 – Analyze water bills monthly: The first sign of a water leak imperceptible to the naked eye, is the noticeable increase in your home’s water bill. Usually, when there is a water leak, the bill starts to come much higher. Stay tuned, and if you notice the increase, it is best to start looking for the leak right away, as you can be sure that the local public service will pay a visit to your residence.

2 – Moisture at the leak site: Another way to identify a water leak is through the moisture on the walls. If your home has no tiles in the affected area, you may notice darker stains, even a mould in some cases. But if the place has tiles, it will be more difficult to identify, but it is also possible that the tile will look darker, or even, in some cases, start to peel off the wall. In such cases, it is good to seek quick help from a professional, as there are several damages that can happen in the affected area. 

3 – The drip-drip (common to happen): You know that drip-drip that ends up taking your sleep? Often these “drips-drips” on taps or showers end up making a difference in your water bill without you even realizing it.

After you have identified the cause for water leaks, you can search for Handyman Services London and hire someone as soon as possible to prevent further damage. 

And now, do I call a Professional Handyman Services London (specialized in these cases)?

In many cases, it is necessary to seek the help of a professional to solve the problem before it is too late. Most of the time, hiring a professional company ends up being better than staying with the loss and running the risk of:

  • compromise structures (masonry or concrete);
  • compromise paintings;
  • losing wall tiles;
  • pay much more on the water bill;
  • worsen leaks over time;